Answering services have been around since the invention of the telephone over one hundred years ago. While many prognosticators forecasted this type of service would become unnecessary with the introduction of cellular phones, text messaging and newer communications technologies, answering services have actually become more prevalent than ever.

Why?  Because people like speaking with other people.

If you are looking for a product or service, would you rather speak with a live person or leave a message in a voice mail? The vast majority of the public much prefer speaking with a live person, so it makes perfect sense that businesses looking for a competitive edge would cater to this desire as a means to increase their bottom lines.

AnsweringService.tv has been providing quality answering services since 1985.

And, we’re proud to say that we’ve got several agents that worked for us in 1985 that still work for us today!  We aim to retain our employees by making their happiness and success one of our main operational goals.  Happy employees that appreciate their jobs and enjoy their work environments perform their jobs with dedication and focus; this is just one of the fundamental methods that we utilize to insure that our Customer Service Professionals provide top-notch customer service to our clients’ clients.

We also believe the work environment plays a primary role in the health and happiness of our operators.

A safe and comfortable workplace means more productive agents, not only for us, but more importantly, for our clients. Injury prevention training, ergonomically correct seating and state of the art workstations all add up to reduce the possibility of repetitive strain.

We reward exceptional efforts and exceptional people.

Our live agents work for us instead of other call centers because they see the value in what they do each day.  Every phone call that they take, each email that they answer is a chance to help someone.  We utilize monthly and annual rewards programs with various incentives to encourage our agents to go above and beyond each and every time they can.

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