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Answering Service Live Operator Rates

Our rates are very simple, we have one. One Simple Rate Plan For Everyone. We do not require large commitments or minimum monthly call volumes. You never have to worry about paying for “unused” calls or minutes and we never bill “overage” for calls exceeding your monthly minimums because we have no minimums. Our base rate covers the administrative costs associated with keeping an account open; ie. staffing, electricity, invoicing your account each month, etc. If we receive no calls to your account during a given month, all you pay is the $20.00 per month base rate. Only when we receive calls to your account are you billed the per minute usage rate. You pay only for your exact usage each month plus the $20.00 base rate.

For more specific information about our rates, please review the Flexible Rate Schedule below. If you’d like more information about Answering Service, then fill out this simple form to download our Pricing and Information Packet.


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Answering Service Rates


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