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Pay as-you-go for what you use. No contracts or hidden fees.

How Does Usage Based Billing Work?

Usage based billing is the easiest and most efficient way to spend your dollar with a call center; especially if many of your calls generate revenue.

With Phone answering Service you pay a low base rate each billing cycle, much like an access fee.  The base rate provides 24/7 access to our agents, a unique nationwide toll-free number and an unlimited web portal through which instantaneous account information is available.  The low base rate is your only financial commitment; after that you pay-as-you-go and only for what you actually use.

Our per-minute rate is billed in 15 second increments (no rounding to the next minute). Since we bill all of your usage in arrears, you don’t have to try to determine how many calls or minutes you’ll need to use each month and there is never any reason to worry about changing your rate plan or plan size.

Our usage-based billing method also eliminates concerns about paying for unused calls or minutes and there are also never any unexpected “overage” fees.

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