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Try us before you buy.

Whether you’d like to learn about our online customer portal, Client Web Access, or if you’re just wondering how your calls will be answered, you’re in the right place.  Give our services a try right now; it’s easy!

Simply call the following toll-free number: 1-888-290-2993 and one of our professional agents will answer “Johnson Electrical”. You can ask the agent to take a message, take an order or schedule an appointment.

Next, you can log-in to Client Web Access (CWA) to view your new message, order or appointment by using the log-in information (below). You can also listen to the recording of your call, add notes to your new message, export the data in .csv format or use any of the myriad of functions provided with CWA. If you would like a guided tour of all the  capabilities, please give one of our professional sales staff a call (1-800-645-2616) and we will happily show you all the wonderful features.

To Log In To Client Web Access (Our Online Portal)

Please Visit: https://www.myanswerfirst.com

Username: demo
Password: testdrive

Once logged in, you can access most features using the “My Account” link.

If you have questions about the demo or if you’d like more info, let us know!

Contact us today at 1-800-645-2616 or fill out our online request for more information and we’ll send you our pricing and plans packet today!